The Precept for 20-21 has been set at £26,828.00  for a detailed breakdown click here

The West Hanningfield Parish precept Band D equivalent is £56.09 AN INCREASE OF £5.40 FROM 19/20

The Precept for 19-20 has been set at £.  Click here for the spreadsheet giving the breakdown.

To download the Project Allocation as at 10.11.20 click here

Expenditure 19/20 click here, Expenditure 20/21 click here

Income 19/20 click here, Income 20/21 click here

End of Financial Year balance 19/20 click here

Expenditure 18/19 click here

Click here for the Notice of Public Rights Inspection for 19/20

Click here  for Page 3 &   here  for Page 4 & here for Page 5 or the 18/19External Audit document

Click here  for Section 1  &   here  for Section 2  & here for Section 3  or the 19/20External Audit document


Click here for the Budget Review 19/20- 1st – 4th Quarter

Community Infrastructure Levy report for the Financial Years  17/18 click here , 18/19 click here & 19/20 click here

Financial Regulations – Reviewed May 2021 download here

Fixed Asset Register updated March 2020 download here next review date March 2021

Financial Risk Assessment Nov 2019 Click here next review date Nov 2020

Transparency Code for smaller authorities click here 

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